Unique Henna - Mehndi Tutorial - Using Filler Designs

How to Make a Beautiful Filler Henna Design

Beautiful Henna Design – As Important as Anything:

On special occasions, making a beautiful henna design on hand is something as important for a girl as any other thing like jewelry and dress. Some girls give more importance to mehndi art on hands and arms than dress. And they are right because pleasing patterns on hands not only add colors to the occasion but also serve as symbol of joy and prosperity for future.

What Make a Henna Design Beautiful?

Here arises an important question, i.e. “What makes a henna design beautiful?” Different people give different answers to this question. Some say it is the clarity, creativity, simplicity and minimalist structuring that may render a design aesthetic appeal. Others vote in favor of complexity and compactness. Likewise, you may have your own personal opinion. In any case, one has to acknowledge that a blend of simple, minimalist creative structures does carry immense attraction with it. At the same time, no one can undermine the great worth of unique, intricate designs.

How a Filler Henna Design is More Attractive?

As the very name suggests, a filler henna design is the one in which patterns are filled with other smaller patterns. In this way, the overall design becomes so dense and compact. If the outer and inner patterns are symmetrically placed and get blended with each other, this intricacy would render the overall design extreme level of decency and sophistication. This is exactly what you will find in this unique filler henna design for your Eid. There are flowers inside the larger flowers. Sometimes, simple lines and curves serve the purpose of filler. Here you will also see that different rows of flowery structures are connected with one another. Another thing worth knowing about this pattern is that all the flowers, curves and vines are not in the same style, they are shaped differently at different places.

How to Make Filler Henna Mehndi Design?

Making a filler henna mehndi design is not as difficult as you might be thinking. However, it does require sufficient care and concentration on the part of the henna artist. So you are ready? Watch this video tutorial and draw every line, curve or pattern turn by turn as it is drawn by the artist. It goes without says that on the first attempt you would face some difficulty but, after making practice for two or three times, all this would become as easy for you as a child’s play. Meant for the back of your hand, it extends from arm a bit beyond the wrist, gradually moving towards the bases of fingernails. After you are finished making everything, wear rings on the index, middle and ring finger to add to the beauty of this henna pattern.

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