Simple Mehndi Designs

In Pakistan and India every woman knows hat bride is incomplete without applying beautiful and stunning mehndi designs on her hands, feet and arms. These days applying mehndi becomes popular fashion.Every year, numerous mehndi designs are coming for women and young girls. In this post, we are presenting latest and exclusive mehndi designs 2013 for women. Women and girls can apply these mehndi designs on their hands, arms and feet. All mehndi designs 2013 are simply stunning and magnificent.

Simple Mehndi Design

Simple Mehndi Designs

If not all, at least, two among every three girls are simply crazy about mehndi. Luckily, you can find a variety of mehndi patterns over the internet. Some of them are complex while the others are pretty simple and pleasing to look at. The simple ones are quite easy to copy and apply as compared to the complex ones.

Henna (alternative term for mehndi) is a special way to celebrate every occasion and event with a style, especially, in Asian countries. In Indo-Pak region, people like and adore mehndi too much. In previous years, people used to apply Indian designs but now-a-days Arabic mehndi designs are also very popular. These simple patterns are very easy to apply and leave an alluring effect to everyone's hands. No doubt, we can call these Arabic henna styles as simple mehndi designs 2013 due to their increasing popularity in the recent era.

The two great things about henna are its color and scent. It is considered to be a must part on memorable occasions, like Eid and weddings. Mostly, the bride and her fellows apply it a night before wedding and, on the next day, every girl wants to have the darkest colors on her hands it is all natural I guess. On Eids, a night before Eid is known as "sChand Raat" and there's nothing girls can enjoy more than applying mehndi to their hands. That is a great fun and would last for the next three days of Eid.

Now let's discuss some differences in different types of mehndi designs. You might have noticed certain designs that are being created with the help of shapes, like, circles, triangles, stars, flowers, and so on, while the others contains more lines and give a look of abstract art. All kinds of styles have their own beauty but the main thing is how a particular pattern is being applied to the hands. The person applying the design deserves more than 90 percent credit, if not all. If the design is neat, applied carefully and also looks good, it would deserve immense appeal and appreciation.

Apart from the art and manner of application, it is the color of mehndi that deserves due attention. Every girl wants to have the darkest color on her hands. Nevertheless, there are some exceptional cases when the girls do like the light mehndi colors on their hands.

There are many other forms and materials, available in the market, that are being used for the last few years as a replacement of mehndi, but henna has its own significance and value that would last forever.

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