Simple DIY Arabic Mehendi: Beautiful Floral Twisted Mehndi On Hand

Beautiful Floral Twisted Arabic Mehndi Design on Hand

Simple Yet Attractive DIY Arabic Mehndi Design:

Some of the Arabic henna designs are far more attractive and easier to apply than those of Pakistani and Indian ones. The present design, described and explained with step by step procedure in this video, is incredibly beautiful and simply fascinating. You can draw it on your hand through the simple DIY (Do it yourself) technique. It does not require you to seek the help of an expert. Based on a simple pattern, it does not involve as much intricacy as found in other Arabic designs. What makes it even more charming is the minimalism, i.e. it does not cover the whole of skin on the front of your hand. Empty spaces are left at different points to reveal the natural freshness of the skin and develop its contrast with the henna design.

How to Draw Floral Twisted Arabic Mehndi Design on Hand?

Being so simple and easy, this floral twisted Arabic mehndi design does not require the assistance of a henna artist. The only thing you need is DIY – Do it yourself! It can be completed incredibly conveniently and quickly with little effort and energy. As you can see in the video, it begins from a simple curvature on the raised part of the palm of your hand, opposite to the thumb. Next, the curvature is lined by two spring like patterns externally. Attached to it, then you draw a flowery pattern consisting of petals alternating with stamens. Afterwards, you make another flower with continuous petals. It is connected with a heavily decorated leaf-like structure. Next, you go back to the initial point and draw some continuous flowery patterns extending from the wrist towards the middle of the forearm. Here too you will come across a beautiful array of petals, stamens and leaves, etc. In the third major step, you need to go towards the fingers and draw some leafy and flowery patterns that are cool and very pleasing to the eye.

Note: If you are a beginner and do not have any experience of making mehndi designs, you may not be able to draw a perfect-looking floral twisted Arabic mehndi design on hand on the very first attempt. Therefore, there is no need to lose heart. After a few attempts, you will definitely become the master of this design. Wishing you the best of luck!

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