Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Front Hand

Creative Pakistani Mehndi Design for Hand

Peculiarity of Pakistani Mehndi Designs:

Among a variety of traditional henna patterns in the eastern part of the world, Pakistani mehndi designs have got their own worth and aesthetic appeal. One thing peculiar to such designs is that they are dominated by leafy and flowery structures. Another special thing is the decency and clarity of the overall pattern. Thirdly, you will see that they are easy to learn and quick to apply. On the fourth place, the Pakistani henna designs are simple and minimalist. They do not involve the stuffing of unwanted junk of patterns to occupy maximum space on the hand or feet wherever they are applied. This minimalism renders extra grace and sophistication to the overall design. The same thing you will find here.

How to Make a Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Design 2016?

As already mentioned, Pakistani mehndi designs are exclusively easy and quick to apply. If you learn it with the help of a video, as given here, it will become even easier and rather enjoyable. You start making this particular design with a flower on the arm a bit away from the wrist. Put a big dot of henna and draw three rows of very small petals in a continuous manner around it. Next, draw a circular row of significantly bigger petals. Fill these petals with thin, vertically oriented lines. You will get an extremely beautiful flower on the pattern of rose. A flower with similar design, shape and size will be drawn in the middle of the palm. Around both the flowers, there are different leaf-like patterns. Some lace-like and dotted structures are also there which contribute their part in enhancing the beauty of the overall henna pattern. This mehndi designed is liked and appreciated on special occasions, like Eid and marriage, not only in Pakistan but also other parts of the world, including India and the Middle East.

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