Pakistani Indo Arabic Mehndi Design:Mehendi For Upper Side (Full Hand)

Pakistani Indo Arabic Mehndi Design for Upper Side of Hand

Full of Delicate Intricacy:

If you fall in love with the delicate beauty of this Pakistani Indo Arabic mehndi design, the intricacy will get subdued. You would also love to tackle any difficulty coming on the way while you draw this unique pattern on the hand. It is meant for the upper side of your arm, ranging from the tips of fingers to the mid of arm.

Blending of Three Beautiful Designs – Source of Incredible Beauty:

The present henna design for the big occasion of Eid emanates incredible beauty that comes from the combination of Pakistani, Arabic and Indian mehndi designs. The henna artist, in this case, has taken the best things from the three internationally famous mehndi designs and presented them in a unique combination. Structurally, it consists of an alternating array of carpels, petals, sepals and stamens. So, you won’t be wrong in claiming that the present design has an extended floral twist. This is what the majority of mehndi design fanatics adore and appreciate the most.

How to Make Pakistani Indo Arabic Henna Design?

It is to be started just above the wrist. Firstly, make a pot like pattern as a base and move upward while drawing sepals, stamens, petals, carpels and other similar patterns connected with one another in as a natural way as possible. As you will see in the video, some of the petal and sepal like growths are filled with lines or other structures. Once you have completed the henna design on the arm, it’s time to move to the palm of hand. Start making similar patterns in a continuous manner while making flowery and leafy structures more prominent. As you can see in the video, small leaf-like and filamentous structures make the overall pattern so pleasing to the eye. The continuous patterns end at the tip of index finger. Thumb, middle finger, ring finger and pinky have separate minimalist designs that abound in their own grace.

Another plus point of this Pakistani, Indo Arabic mehndi design is that it is very easy and quick to apply on the hand and some part of arm as a continuous structure. The video featured here will be of great help to you. Follow the step by step procedure as explained in the video and you will become an expert henna artist just after a few attempts.

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