My Signature Mandala Design | Eid Mehndi Tutorial

Mandala Eid Mehdi Design for All Occasions

A Unique and Elegant Henna Design:

Here is a unique and detailed Eid mehndi design 2016 that can be learned and applied so easily and quickly. At a distance, it may seem to be a bit complex. But, once you have a closer look, the overall pattern would seem to be so simple and elegant. There are patterns over patterns made of various lines and curves. However, they are all convenient to be drawn. There are flowery figures with a touch of architecture. In short, you will find it a model of artistic perfection. It is bound to make your special event so pleasant, memorable and even more special.

It’s for All Occasions:

The uniqueness, creativity and elegance of the pattern makes it suitable for all occasions, i.e. it will not only add colors to your Eid but also decorate other events, such as birthday celebrations, parties and marriage, etc. Such an all-in-one henna mehndi package is usually rare to be found elsewhere. Its grace and multiple applications add to its appeal and make it favorite for all and sundry.

How to Draw Mandala Eid Mehndi Design?

If you concentrate on the detail of the design with the help of a video tutorial, you won’t find it difficult or time taking. Though seemingly complex, it can be created in a short time. It is meant for the back of your hand. There is a big flower-like pattern on middle of the back just opposite the palm. Each of the five fingers has a separate pattern with a similar design. Concerning how to make it, you start in the middle of the hand with a round circle. Then draw petal like structures all around it, in the form of a circle. Next comes the turn of curved lines which seem as if they were folded stamens. Again draw petal-like patterns, more shaped like fingers, in a continuous manner. In the exterior most part, there are flowery structures alternating with folded stamens. It ends here. Now turn to fingers. Here you will come across horizontal lines alternating with vertical ones. Different curves and curvatures serve as fillers in the overall design. As you move towards the base of a finger, the pattern starts getting narrowed and you end it with a line of continuous hanging dots.

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