Modern Indian Dubai Arabic Mehndi Design 2017

Modern Indian Dubai Arabic Mehndi Design 2017

Blended Mehndi Design – Indian, Dubai, Arabic:

The mehndi designs are different in different regions of the world. This fact reflects the varying tastes of people for henna pattern living in different regions of the world. The ones that are very popular are those of Indian, Pakistani, Arabic and Dubai. The present mehndi design, to be explained in this video, is an amalgamation of Indian, Dubai and Arabic designs. Consequently, it happens to be a blend of simplicity and intricacy. It requires enough time, effort and concentration for its application on arm and hand as a continuous pattern. In the end, you get something worth praising.

How to Apply Modern Indian, Dubai, Arabic Mehndi Design:

One important thing to be noted about the blended Indian, Dubai and Arabic henna pattern is that it is to be applied on the front side of the arm, i.e. on fingers, palm, wrist and somewhat beyond it. You need to start applying patterns from the arm at some distance from the wrist. Follow the video and keep on moving towards the palm and, finally, fingers. It involves the creation of leaves, flowers and some strange patterns that you may not be aware of already. In any case, the end product is so beautiful and fascinating to the eye.

Intricacy Leading to Beauty:

As you can see in the video, the artist has a complete know-how of the mehndi designs from the regions, India, Dubai and Arabia. Only the best elements have been selected from each of these local designs. These elements have been uniquely combined together to give a new, charming henna mehndi design for Eid. The blending of different styles has made the design significantly complex and intricate. This intricacy is not something bad – it has rendered an extraordinary level of grace and decency. Though complex, it can easily be learned and mastered through the step by step procedure described in this video.

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