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Creative Front Hand Mendi Design

Love Creativity?

It is not just you, everyone wants to see and appreciate novelty in everything. Talking of henna mehndi designs for Eid and other occasions, creativity attracts the attention of all and sundry. Here you will learnan impressive henna mehndi pattern tripling with novelty at every inch. It is based on a unique zigzag craftsmanship. Though devoid of flowery patterns, it has been made so mesmerizing with the help of intricately organized lines and curves. It shows more resemblance with designs on building and clothes. Apply this pattern on your hand and intensify the joy of your special occasion, like Eid, marriage, birthday or any other celebration.

How to Apply a Zigzag Henna Design on Front of Your Hand?

It is easy to apply a zigzag mehndi design on the front side of your hand but, to bring finesse, you will have to do it with due care and attention. It extends from the tip of index finger and, passing through the palm, moves upwards towards the elbow reaching near it. You start it with an eye-like structure, drawn near the elbow. Make an eyeball and fill the remaining part of the eye with cross-lines. All around it, you need to make petal-like structures in continuous manner. At the corners and joining points, there shall be curved stamen-like structures. Some sepals shall also appear at certain appropriate points. Fill all these figures with straight parallel running lines and curvatures. All the procedure has been explained with detail in the video featured here.

The pattern continues towards thewrist in a continuous zigzag manner. However, the triangle like areas on both sides of the zigzag line are to be filled and decorated with beautiful patterns. At the point of wrist, there is a horizontal strip filled with rectangular boxes each containing a curve like pattern. As the strip ends, the design becomes so narrow and minimalist. It is terminated at the tip of the index finger. The remaining four fingers have their own separate patterns which are extremely easy to draw. Watch the video for a couple of times and repeat the same on the hand of your friend. Overall, it seems to be fairly complex but the fingers are decorated with extremely simple curved lines. You are sure to become an expert artist of this henna design.

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