Intricate Mandala Henna Tutorial

Intricate Mandala Mehndi Design for Eid

Peculiarity of Mandala Henna Designs:

There are certain things that are unique about the Mandala henna art. All these distinguishing features make them so delightful and exceedingly attractive. Let’s talk about these unique features one by one. Firstly, you will see that mandala mehndi designs for Eid are usually very simple to learn and apply. From appearance, however, they may seem to be so intricate and perplexing.On the second place, in such designs there may not be a single continuous pattern but several different patterns arranged in a symmetry, each meant for a specific part of hand. The third important thing is that they may be composed of several circular patterns, with one drawn over or outer to the other. All these round curves and curvatures add up to look like a beautiful flower. Fifthly, and perhaps most importantly, they are minimalist and devoid of any extra junk. In this way, the natural beauty of the skin can easily be exposed. Overall, these mehndi pattern are refreshing and pleasing to one’s eye, mind and heart.

Drawing an Intricate Mandala Mehndi Pattern:

Learn to draw an intricate and surprisingly beautiful henna design. The video tutorial, given here, makes it so easy and enjoyable for you. At the same time, one thing very important about this particular design is that it involves a variety of thin yet closely packed lines and curves. You can start drawing it from the mid of the back of your hand. Initially, there is a circle which keeps on adding newer circular patterns around it. Once a flower-like pattern is complete, you draw a circular line to separate it from the rest of the pattern. Go on adding to it in the same style. Finally, you will get an intricate and wonderfully attractive mandala mehndi design that will significantly contribute to the joy of the event.

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