Impressive Henna Hand Art 2017 Video Tutorial

Impressive Henna Hand Art 2017 Video Tutorial

Henna Art – A Popular Tradition on Festive Occasions:

Making henna designs is a popular tradition on festive occasions in many countries, particularly, in eastern part of the world. Girls are not ready to compromise for it in any case. Naturally, the design and style of henna patterns vary from country to country. For example, the mehndi designs popular in Arabia are significantly different from those in vogue in India. One major distinction is that the Arabian are simple while Indian are complex ones. The mehndi design fanatics always look for a style that is totally unique and has not already been used by any of their relatives or acquaintances.

Simple yet Most Attractive Mehndi Art:

Seemingly simple, this henna art 2017 looks so graceful and attractive. Some of its exemplary beauty is also contributed by minimalism. It’s clean and you won’t find stuffing of any unwanted patterns or lines anywhere in it. As explained in the video tutorial, the present mehndi design appears as a single continuous pattern extending from the mid of arm and going till the ends of index and ring fingers. The other fingers, i.e. pinky, middle finger and thumb, are also decorated with beautiful henna art which is, however, not continuous with the main pattern.

A Beautiful Blend of Leaves, Vines and Flowers:

The present Eid mehndi design 2017 has been crafted as a combination of leaves, vines and flowers, all connected with one another in as natural an array as possible. The creative art makes this combination even more pleasing to eye of the viewer. Leaves and vines make major part of the design on the arm, while flowers and lines are more prominent on the back of hand.

How to Draw Latest Henna Art 2017:

Concerning “How to draw the latest henna art 2017”, you can take help of the video tutorial presented here. It will serve as the best guide and tutor. Anyhow, you start it by drawing a big leaf almost in the middle of the arm. Continuous with it, you draw another leave, stamen like structures, flowers and some separate petals. Go on making all these patterns and gradually move towards the fingers, ending the main pattern near the tips of index and ring fingers. Some minimalist patterns are also to be drawn on pinkie, thumb and the middle finger. Overall, you will see that the design is so simple, creative and perfect. Learn to draw every curve, curl and curvature of this pattern on your own with the help of this video tutorial.

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