How to Make Henna Mehndi Design 2016

How to Make Henna Mehndi Design on Hand

It’s Both Easy and Difficult:

Making a graceful mehndi design on hand can be both easy and difficult. It will be extremely easy and enjoyable if you know the step by step procedure to draw different lines and patterns. Obviously, if you don’t have an experience of applying a henna pattern, it would seem to be extremely difficult. Now there arises an important question, “How to make a henna design easy to apply?” The simple and logical answer is: “Learn and practice it as much as possible”. It would be wrong to say that the pattern of the design should be simplified to make it easier. Learning to apply a beautiful mehndi design can be made so enjoyable with the help of a video tutorial. You can do the same and become a professional expert of this highly popular henna design on hand in a little time. A video tutorial with step by step procedure is provided here.

It’s So Simple, Minimalist & Wonderful:

The video, featured here, makes it clear that this particular henna design is extremely simple, minimalist and wonderful to look at. Simplicity is always a source of great appeal to all and sundry. Its major source is that of minimalism. In the present design, simplicity triples from every single inch. At the same time, it has got a perfect flowery twist that renders it natural touch of decency. Meant for the back of your hand, it extends from level of the wrist and goes till the base of index finger’s nail. There is no extra, unnecessary stuffing anywhere at all.

How to Draw a Beautiful Mehndi Design on Hand?

If you want to draw a truly beautiful mehndi design on hand, watch this video and it will please your mind. Watch every minute detail for at least two to three times. Afterwards, make a couple of attempts to apply it on the back of hand while following a step by step procedure as detailed in the video. Initially, just at the level of wrist, draw a flower on the shape of rose with all the prominent parts, i.e. carpels, stamens and petals. Attached to it, draw a sepal and some stamens on both sides above the wrist. Continue making quite similar patterns on the opposite end of the flower, i.e. on the back of the hand. It will go like a wide strip, gradually narrowing towards the tip of the index finger. That’s all – attract the attention of viewers on account of the amazing simplicity and beauty of this minimalist Eid mehndi design.

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