How To Make Henna Mehendi Designs Bridal Mehendi

Best Henna Mehendi Designs Bridal Mehendi

Mehndi is just the name of a coloring agent, but applying it on hands and other body parts is essentially an art – it may not be a piece of cake for everybody. But, you can make it for yourself now!

Do you know how to make henna mehndi designs? Have you ever created a mehndi design of your own? Well, if your answer is “no”, don’t worry. You can change it to “yes” in a short time. Learn it now through a video provided here. The video describes an extremely beautiful and creative mehndi design that is wonderfully easy to apply. This henna pattern starts from just below the elbow and ends at the tips of fingers. Though it happens to be an extremely complex pattern, it won’t seem any difficult if you follow the step by step procedure. In the end, you will not only be surprised at your craftsmanship but also become confident of your skill. Just watch the video and read the description.

How to Make Bridal Mehndi Designs?

Becoming a bride is one of the most significant events in a girl’s life. Henna adds colors to the memories of this event. So, you should pay special attention to choice of a mehndi design for such a grand occasion. The video posted here depicts a wonderfully creative and fresh bridal mehndi design that is sure to appeal your aesthetic sense.

How to Make Henna Mehndi Design on Arms?

Step 1: You start it from the arm. Draw a rectangle midway between the wrist and the elbow. Fill the rectangle with zigzag lines facing the corners. Draw another set of zigzag lines that cross the existing ones. Then move upward, towards the elbow and draw different flowery patterns as you can see in the video.

Step 2: After the space between the rectangle is covered with beautiful patterns, go to part of the arm between the rectangle and the wrist. View each line, curve and curvature minutely and try to copy the same pattern on the arm of your friend line by line.

How to Make Henna Mehndi Design on Hands?

Next comes the turn of hand. The patterns on hand should be continuous with that of arm. However, here you can notice minute differences that make it unique and even more beautiful. In the middle of the palm, you need to draw a flower similar to the shape of rose.

The whole mehndi design is an amalgamation of leafy and flowery structures – and here lies the beauty and freshness.

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