How To Make Egyptian Tribal Mehendi Designs On Hand

Egyptian Tribal Mehndi Design for Eid 2017

Complexity of Egyptian Henna Art:

As you might already be knowing, the Egyptian henna art is very complex and intricate as compared with those of Indian, Arabic and Pakistani ones. Based on the level of complexity, the next place is occupied by Indian. The Arabic and Pakistani mehndi designs, on the other hand, are relatively simple and easy to learn. This intricacy of Egyptian mehndi design is rendered by closely packedpatterns which are often symbolic and representative of something. They represent tradition, culture and art of the country as well as serve as a symbol of prosperity for home. They are composed of the clearly distinguishable structures, like trees, vines, sepals, petal and other designs that are usually found on clothes. This is the very reason that it is a bit difficult to learn and practice them.

Egyptian Tribal Mehndi Designs:

The Egyptian tribal mehndi designs exhibit the same level of intricacy and elegance as evident in the standard Egyptian style. At the same time, here you will also meet with some uniqueness and creativity. And this is the very essence of any modern design. The experts of tribal henna patterns take the most beautiful things from the national versions and addsome new things. It creates a beautiful blend of the old and the new. Concerning how to draw them on hand, you can take the help of a video tutorial.

How to Draw a Beautiful Egyptian Tribal Mehndi Art?

In some cases, it is easy to practice a tribal henna pattern of Egypt, while in other cases, you may not find it that much easy. All this depends on the level of complexity involved. The tribal style of applying henna on hand, described here, happens to be fairly difficult. But you can easily overcome this difficultyby watching the video tutorial time and again. While you watch the tutorial, try to focus on the minute details as explained in each step.

This special design is meant for the frontal part of hand. It covers the whole of palm and fingers and extends beyond the level of wrist towards the arm. It is composed of two continuous patterns that come closer to each other at the level of palm. Contrary to the trend found in henna art of other countries, each of the fingers here is decorated with a unique henna pattern. Anyhow, you will see that it is one of the most beautiful designs ever.

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