Full Hand Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Step By Step Mehendi Application 2016

Intricate Pakistani Mehndi Design with Egyptian Touch

Pakistani versus Egyptian Mehndi Designs:

The Pakistani henna designs are usually very simple and contain various types of floral patterns. Each of these has its own appeal and attractiveness. The intricacy of the Egyptian designs renders them extreme level of elegance and sophistication. There is one drawback, i.e. it will be hard for the artists to get the mastery of such complex patterns. They will need more time and effort to achieve perfection. The Pakistani versions, on the other hand, catch the attention of people on account of their simplicity and serenity. Another major advantage of such styles is that they can be learned so easily and quickly without the help of any external agency.

Intricate Pakistani Mehndi Design:

As you know, Pakistani designs usually consist of simple floral patterns. Then why does the henna style, featured in the video here, looks so complex? Such an extreme level of intricacy comes from the Egyptian touch. It is not just the touch but an amalgamation and balancing of the two styles. Meanwhile, you can also notice some influence of the Indian henna art as well. Here it is worth noticing that both Egyptian and Indian styles are more intricate than those of Pakistani ones. Consequently, you get a totally unique version emanating extreme level of beauty and elegance. There is one major disadvantage, i.e. it will take a long time to draw. But this is not something to be worried about – your hard work will pay.

How to Draw an Intricate Pakistani Henna Design:

If you want to gain mastery over such an intricate henna art, you will definitely have to invest more energy and carefully concentrate on each and every step. Obviously, in order to gain something, you have to lose something. As you can observe it in the video, displayed here, the design covers the whole of your hand along with arm almost touching the elbow joint. The lines, curves, structures and patterns are drawn so close to one another that little space is left in between them. Sometime, you will come across very fine and thin lines that need to be drawn with extra care.

You begin it by drawing two horizontal lines with some gap in between them near the elbow joint. Start making intricate patterns with closely placed extremely fine as well as bold lines. If you want finesse and sophistication, draw each line after carefully observing its style, orientation and placement in the video. When all the design to the upper side of the horizontal lines is complete, turn to the lower side and keep on making various patterns step by step as the henna artist, in the video, guides you. It will continue till the tip of all the fingers including thumb. It is indeed a hectic task. After the completion of the task, you will find yourself so tired. At the same time, the extreme beauty and elegance of the design will serve to give you immeasurable pleasure and satisfaction.

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