Eid Mehndi Tutorial

One of the Best Eid Mehndi Designs

Best Eid Mehndi Designs in Vogue:

Lots of local and traditional henna designs are in vogue for the special occasions, like Eid and marriage. Based on their tradition, different countries boast of their own unique and innovative mehndi designs. The countries internationally famous for their fresh and fantastic henna art include Pakistan, Arabia, India and Egypt, etc. In each case, you will come across some uniqueness and creativity. Similarly, all these vary in the level of difficulty and complexity. For example, Egyptian and Indian henna designs are relatively more complex than those of Pakistani and Arabic ones. Which one should be the best then? Probably, it is the blend of two or more designsthat can offer something really attractive. In this sense, these are the Pakistani Eid mehndi designs that offer the perfect combination of Indian and Arabic henna patterns.

Impressive Eid Mehndi Design – Blend of Indo-Arabic:

Here is video tutorial depicting one of the best Pakistani Eid mehndi designs with a touch of both Indian and Arabic styles. There are beautiful flowery patterns with rose-like appearance. Attached to them, you will see leaf-like and filamentous structures, all organized in an attractive array. This is typical of Pakistani designs. At some places, there can be seen peacock-like patterns. These are typical of the Indian style of decorating henna on hands, arms, feet and legs. Overall the design is more simple and less complex. So, it soundsmore decent and less boring or common place.

How to Draw Best Eid Mehndi Design?

With a creative and superb pattern at your hand, drawing one of the best Eid mehndi designs should be no more difficult. It is a minimalist and sophisticated design which can be created with little effort and in a short time. This video tutorial will make your task even more simpler and easier. The pattern starts from the level of wrist with a big rose-like flower occupying the region. Next come different curves, vines and leaves. Midway on the pattern, there is also another rose-like flower but it is half. Almost the same sequence continues till the base of nail of index finger. At the extreme point, there is another flower. The main pattern ends here. For other fingers, there are small, minimalist but equally decent and easy-to-draw patterns. After the design has been completed and you view it as a whole, you’ll realize that it emanates such an amazing beauty that is rare to be found elsewhere.

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