Egyptian Wedding Henna Mehendi 2017-How To Apply Modern Mehndi

Unique Egyptian Henna Mehndi Design 2017

Tripling with Uniqueness of Egyptian Art:

The Egyptian art has always been and still is unique both in its style and beauty. The same thing is clearly visible in the henna mehndi design 2016. It involves even greater complexity than found in the Indian ones. Meanwhile, you should also note that the higher level of intricacy renders them extreme beauty and sophistication. This particular Egyptian henna art neither resembles Indian not does it borrow something from Pakistani mehndi design. Everything is totally new and pertinent to the Egyptian tradition. It neither depicts leaves not includes flowers as found in the Pakistani versions. Instead, here you will come across different curves, lines and crossing lines. Resultantly, there appear patterns which you wouldn’t have seen elsewhere.

Time and Skill Required to Learn & Apply This Design:

Involving a great amount of complexity, the Egyptian henna mehndi design 2017 is not that easy to draw as one might be thinking of. Here you will need some extra amount of time and concentration to learn it. There are lots of lines and curves organized in a unique sequence. Sometimes, you also have to draw lines over the already drawn lines. Here is another complexity that you must know, i.e. some lines are so thin while others are bold. Still there are ones that are bolder. It is a fairly difficult task to make proper distinctions and produce them exactly as they are. As it can be viewed in the video tutorial, some lines are somewhat straight while most of them are curly or even curlier. There are different unique patterns, almost each of which is filled with thin lines. At some place, you will also see semi-flower like structures. Filamentous and stamen-like structures are also visible at several different points.

How to Draw Egyptian Mehndi Design 2017:

As already explained, it is not that easy to draw complex Egyptian henna art. However, this should not mean that the given mehndi design can’t be learned at all or it is impossible. You can definitely learn and apply it on the hand on your own. The best thing that you can do is to watch the video tutorial, given here, again and again. While watching the video, you should concentrate on every minute detail and practice the overall pattern several times while following the step by step procedure. The time will come when you will find yourself as the perfect henna artist of this particular design.

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