Easy DIY Beautiful Arabic Henna Mehndi Design Tutorial

Beautiful DIY Arabic Henna Mehndi Design

DIY Mehndi Designs:

The DIY or “Do it yourself” mehndi designs are those henna patterns that you can do yourself. Being so simple and easy-to-draw, they do not require any prior skill or expertise. The beginners can easily try their hand at them. Here you come across simple lines, curves and flowery patterns that are free from all sorts of complexity and intricacy. In case you find it difficult, even then there is no need to worry. Just make a couple of attempts, and you will notice gradual improvement in your art.

DIY Arabic Henna Design – It’s Minimal & Flowery:

This DIY Arabic henna art is so simple yet wonderfully attractive. It consists of some rose like flowers, lines, curves and sepal like structures. You need to draw it on the back of hand, starting from just above the wrist and ending at the tip of index finger. It is just like a strip which does not occupy much space. The sepal and petal like structures are to be filled with fine parallel lines. In some of such structures, however, you need to place closely spaced dots while following some sequence. As the major design covers only the index finger, the other three fingers (pinkie, middle finger and ring finger) are to be decorated with separate minimal design. Here you need to draw a beautiful pattern composed of interconnected, rounded curves. Next to it, towards the base of the finger, place closely spaced dots that will significantly contribute to its charm.

How to Draw DIY Arabic Henna Design:

Any DIY activity is something to be done by yourself. The henna art, presented through the video featured here, should look like a child’s play for all and sundry. After watching the video for a couple of times, the viewers will be able to complete it in a few minutes. And if they bear due care, they will bring artistic finesse too in their hand. Start it with a rose-like flower just above the wrist. The petals of this flower are to be filled with dots instead of lines. Next you draw interconnected curvature that are rounded enough to become circles. Then there is another flower with a bit different shape of petals. The same pattern continues till the base of index finger where it gets sufficiently narrowed down to fit the size of finger. The main continuous pattern ends here. Just muster up courage and watch the video, you can definitely do it so easily.

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