Easy Arabic Mehendi For Feet: 2017 Mehndi Design On Feet

Best Eid Mehndi Design 2017 for Feet

The Latest Eid Mehndi Design 2017 for Feet:

It is not just the hands that need to be decorated on the big occasions like Eid and marriage – feet too deserve due attention. The professional henna artists have invented some exceptionally beautiful mehndi designs for decorating feet on very special events for a girl. The latest Eid mehndi design for feet 2016 involves somewhat complexity that renders it some extra grace and grandeur. As you will see, there are sharp twists of different patterns that seem to have been juxtaposed with each other. These are the small leafy and long filamentous structures that reign supreme in the overall design. Overall, you will find perfect symmetry everywhere. Here the henna artist’s primary intention is to make the most economical use of space by stuffing as many patterns in little space as possible. At the same time, the artist is conscious of the importance of leaving enough empty space on both sides of the henna pattern to reveal the freshness of skin and build the contrast. All this enhances the aesthetic appeal of this Eid mehndi design for feet 2017.

How to Make the Latest Eid Mehndi Design 2017 for Feet?

Video will serve as the best medium for learning how to make the latest Eid mehndi design 2016. It has all the potential to explain every minute detail in a comprehensible way. Here you can easily learn how to draw every single line, twist, curve and curvature at the right time and on the right place. As it can be viewed in the video, featured here, you need to start drawing this pattern at the base of the foot thumb and gradually move upward. On the way, there will come various patterns juxtaposed with one another in a rather attractive array. The pattern goes upward till the base of ankle. On the other side, it is extended to the thumb, almost touching the nail of foot thumb. The remaining toes, however, have separate minimalist designs that are both unique and fascinating. The same pattern is to be repeated on both the feet. For the purpose of making this creative Eid mehndi design 2016 for feet visible to the viewers, you will have to wear shoes with thin laces, so that maximum part of the foot becomes visible. Hope you will like this design as well as find it sufficiently easy and quick to apply.

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