Best Latest Mehendi Design For Diwali, Eid, Teej & Karwa Chowth 2017

Latest Mehndi Design for Eid & Wedding

A Totally Unique Design with Beautiful Curves:

Are you looking for a totally unique and seamless design that has no precedence in your surroundings? Here is the one and you must have been looking for it. Being so simple and minimalist, it will be extremely easy to draw even for the beginner level henna artists. You can consider it one of the simplest Indian mehndi designs. Usually, the Indian henna patterns for hands, arms, feet and legs are very intricate and hard to be learned. The present design is to be made on the back of your hand, covering the dorsal side of palm and the fingers. It also extends some way beyond the wrist.

What Makes It Different:

In fact, every curve and curvature and their unique arrangements make the design so creative and different from the other such patterns. A conspicuously distinguishable thing is that the curves have been styled in a fascinating way and are longer than those seen in most of the similar arts. On watching the video, featured here, you’ll also see that it looks more like a piece of embroidery or a design on the cloth than a henna art.

How to Practice and Learn It?

If you want to become a professional expert of this design in the shortest possible time, the best thing you can do is to watch the video and try to copy every step on the hand of someone. It begins with a long parenthesis-like curve touching the base of little finger (or pinkie) and reaching the wrist at the other end. Make the similarly curved lines to the inner side of the main curve till all the space is used. Note that the depth of every new curve will go on reducing. Take two curves in the middle of the design and fill the inner space with closely spaced dots, turning it into a band.

In the second step, go to the outer side of the curve and draw a larger curve with some gap in between the two. The third step involves the creation of a flowery structure along the existing design at the point of wrist. Next, make a similar flower but with smaller size that touches the larger flower at its base. Afterwards, you need to make a large petal-like structure, pointing towards elbow, and fill it with unique curves and dots. In this way, you should go on drawing all the lines and patterns on the other side till you reach the tips of fingers. There shall be a bold curved line around each nail. You should repeat the same pattern for at least a couple of times.

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