Best Indian Arabic Henna Mehndi Design For Hand Eid Mehendi 2017

One of the Finest Indo-Arabic Henna Art for Hand

Arabic versus Indian Mehndi Designs:

The Arabic and Indian mehndi designs show marked differences with each other. The former are relatively simple and are composed of various floral patterns. This simplicity and the flowery structures make them look so attractive and pleasing to the eye of the viewer. Consequently, it will also be quite convenient and quick for you to practice and learn them. The Indian henna art, on the other hand, is fairly compact and intricate. In addition to flowers, it also contains the shapes of objects that might be of religious importance. Being complex, they take longer to be learned by the beginner level artists.

One of the Finest Indo-Arabic Henna Art for Hand:

As you can yourself watch, the mehndi design, featured in the video, is one of the finest Indo-Arabic henna arts for hand. The advance level of finesse comes from the creative combination of two unique henna arts, i.e. Indian and Arabic ones. Here you can say that Arabic design has rendered simplicity and unique flowery touch to the compact and complex Indian counterpart. At some points, you may also notice that it sounds more like the Egyptian style. If so, you won’t be in the wrong. Actually, both the Indian and Egyptian mehndi designs look intricate and are composed of closely packed varied structures.

How to Make It?

Though it is not that much difficult, the present henna art deserves due care and concentration while you practice it on the hand. There is a single longitudinal structure that extends from near the elbow joint and, moving as a flowery strip, reaches the tip of index finger. Here is the end. The remaining fingers and the thumb have their own separate designs. Just watch the video with full concentration for at least two to three times and then start drawing it while following the step by step procedure. Each time after the artist draws one or two lines and curves, stop the video and try to copy it exactly as it is. The overall pattern is replete with fine lines, curves and circular structures. At some places you will also come across bunches of stamens with gradual rising and falling slopes. Bold dots at certain places also add to the beauty of the design.

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