Best Arabic Mehendi: How To Apply Henna Mehndi Tattoo On Hand/Designs

Best Arabic Henna Mehndi Design 2017

New Trend in Mehndi Designs:

The henna designs do not remain the same always – they keep on changing and evolving over time. With the passage of time, the henna artists come up with new innovative styles. Mostly, such creative styles quickly make their place in the hearts of the mehndi fans. The Arabic, Indian and Pakistani mehndi designs are especially very popular in the world. They are significantly distinct from one another. Sometime, newness comes from the amalgamation of two or more mehndi designs. For example, when you mix Indian style with Arabic, the result is Indo-Arabic version. In the present video, however, you will come across a mehndi design that has set a new trend in henna art.

Best Arabic Henna Design 2017:

Some henna designs are so beautifully crafted that they preserve their appeal and remain fresh across time. The best Arabic mehndi design 2017, being explained here, is one of those. Even after the passage of several years, it is regarded as one of the best Arabic henna patterns on hands. You must also be sure to love it on the first sight. It decorates the frontal side of your hand. It starts a bit away from the wrist and, passing through the palm of hand, it reaches the tip of index finger.

Intricate Patterns of Lines and Curves Are Behind the Charm:

The real charm of this unique henna mehndi design comes from the intricate pattern of lines and curves that decorate it. The lines and curves are of different sizes and are organized along different dimensions to create some awesome patterns. Having a detailed view, you will see that there are no distinct flowery patterns. However, a few scattered petals are visible at some points. The sepal like structures are also rare. Some clusters of stamens are visible with curved filaments and bold anthers hanging down from the point of their origin. What makes the pattern so attractive is the fine craftsmanship and different orientation of each set of curves.

How to Draw the Best Arabic Henna Design 2017:

The intricacy of the pattern may make you puzzled about how to create the best Arabic henna design 2016. And your perception should not be that much wrong – it does seem so complex. But, you know you can do it? It is simply the matter of practice and practice. A video tutorial is there that will facilitate you to the maximum possible extent. Start watching the video from the beginning and follow every single line as you see it being drawn by a henna artist in the video. You will begin it at a bit distance from the wrist towards the arm. Making different closely packed patterns, you will gradually move towards the palm and reach the tip of index finger. The main pattern ends here. The rest of the fingers and thumb will have their own separate patterns. Enough empty spaces are left that reveal the natural beauty of your hand’s skin. After a couple of attempts, you will find yourself an expert artist of this design. Just enjoy its beauty on the hands of your loved ones!

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