Best & Beautiful Henna Mehndi Jewelry Inspired Design Tutorial for EID

Best & Beautiful Henna Mehndi Jewelry Inspired Design Tutorial for EID

Jewelry Inspired Mehndi Designs:

The jewelry inspired designs are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Their popularity is owed to their dual appeal. Firstly, such henna patterns are more attractive and decent. Secondly, they are more valued by all and sundry. It is because, based on the pattern of jewelry, such designs give the impression as if the girl’s hands and arms are laden with jewelry. As jewelry to be worn on hands comes in different styles, the jewelry inspired mehndi designs can have lots of varieties. Some are very simple while others being so complex and intricate. Obviously, you may face less or more difficulty while drawing them on hands or other body parts.

How to Create Best Mehndi Designs for Eid?

Creating henna designs is not something that much difficult or demanding. But, drawing the best henna pattern is not a cup of tea for everybody. It needs sufficient level of skill and expertise on the part of the mehndi artist. Experts are already there. If you don’t have direct contact with any mehndi artist, look for pictures of the best henna designs over the web. You can magnify the pictures to see the patterns in sufficient/understandable detail. Even then, if you face any type of difficulty, another potentially powerful source is there at your very disposal – it’s video tutorial.

Best Eid Mehndi Design with Video Tutorial:

The mehndi design, described in this video, follows the style of jewelry. The henna patterns appear on three regions on the back of your arm, i.e. middle finger, thumb and back of hand. One thing that you need to be very careful about is draw a pattern in an extremely thin line. It is the very essence of that jewelry inspired mehndi design for Eid. There are two clearly distinguishable patterns. Firstly, you will see flowers with several long, thin petals. The second prominent pattern is that of bold dots giving the impression of beads. On completion, you will see that it is a perfect extremely beautiful jewelry based style to gratify the joys of your Eid. Watch the video and you’ll yourself be the master of this design and shall be teaching the same to others. However, you need to be careful about the minute details of the design.

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