Beautiful Henna Mehndi Jewelry Inspired Design Tutorial for EID

Beautiful Henna Mehndi Jewelry Inspired Design Tutorial for EID

Do you have any special plans to celebrate your next EID? There must be many things in your mind. For a girl, the top of the list of priorities should be occupied by a beautiful henna mehndi jewelry inspired design for hands, arms as well as feet. As for as creating an attractive henna design is concerned, there is possibility that you might be expert at drawing some patterns. But the room for newness and refreshing creativity is always there.

What Can Henna Artist Do?

A henna expert is a person who is associated with the profession of creating and experimenting new henna mehndi designs for different visible parts of the body, especially, on hands and arms. So, hiring the services of an artists would be very beneficial particularly in the sense that the big occasion of Eid would become bigger and more pleasurable. Concerning how to learn them, mostly they are sufficiently easy and quick to apply with a little energy and effort.

Latest Beautiful Henna Mehndi Jewelry Inspired Designs:

The latest jewelry inspired mehndi designs are simply marvelous. The great appeal of such patterns lies in the fact that they make hands and arms look extraordinarily beautiful. As the very term suggests, a jewelry inspired henna mehndi design makes the hands (or arms or feet) appear as if they were decorated with jewelry. Being created with mehndi, they offer even more fascination. Anyone looking at them would become so surprised.

Jewelry Inspired Mehndi Design Video Tutorial for Eid:

Here is a video tutorial for a wonderful mehndi design for your Eid. The designing is based on the style of jewelry. After applying it on the hands and arms, you can seem to be wearing beautiful jewelry without actually doing so. Even more pleasing thing is that it is simple, easy and quick to apply. You start creating the design on the index finger. The entire finger is covered with decent, closely packed designs. The remaining fingers, however, are decorated only at their base. Now turn to the back of hand and, initially, draw three loops. On each of these loops, you need to put closely packed drops of henna paste. In this way, it would seem like the beads of a rosary. After you are finished, wash your hand and let the viewers marvel at it.

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