Beautiful Floral Mehndi Design For Hand: Festival Mehendi 2016

Floral Eid Mehndi Design 2017

Want a Minimalist Floral Design?

Talking of henna art, everyone has one’s own taste. Some people like compact and complex styles like that of Egypt and India while others have inclination towards simple flowery patterns. However, in most of the cases, people are fond of simplicity and minimalism. They love to have a design with ample empty spaces between patterns so that maximum area of skin is made to reveal its natural beauty. Here it is to be noted that the design is not concentrated on just one part but thinly scattered over the whole of the hand. This is what renders any henna art extreme level of beauty. Now if you want such a graceful mehndi art, it is here at your very disposal. Just watch this video.

Prominent Patterns in Floral Mehndi Design?

As the very name suggests, the prominent patterns in a floral mehndi design are dominated by flowers that keep on repeating at different points. Sometimes, the size and shape of these patterns may vary, thus further contributing to the worth and appeal of the design.The same thing can be viewed in the present case. Here you will come across various flowery patterns, slightly differing from each other. Other prominent structures are those of leaves, stamens, flower buds and various types of curved lines.

How to Draw Floral Henna Art on Hand?

There is no need to worry about how to draw a floral henna design on hand. It’s all simple, quick and easy to do. If you take the help of a video tutorial, it will become even easier and rather enjoyable. Why not do it now? A video tutorial is provided. You start with a beautiful medium-sized, rose-like flower at some distance from the wrist. Towards the elbow, draw a cluster of leaf-like structures. Moving back towards the hand, go on making leafy and floral structures alternating with each other. The main pattern will continue till the tips of pinky and ring finger. The remaining three fingers have separate minimal patterns limited to the terminal two digits. After it has been completed, you will see that ample empty spacing exposes the natural freshness of the skin. Consequently, the overall design becomes extremely attractive and pleasing to the eye.

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