Arabic Mehndi Designs

In Pakistan and India every woman knows that bride is incomplete without applying beautiful and stunning mehndi designs on her hands, feet and arms. These days applying mehndi becomes popular fashion.Every year, numerous mehndi designs are coming for women and young girls. In this post, we are presenting latest and exclusive mehndi designs 2013 for women. Women and girls can apply these mehndi designs on their hands, arms and feet. All mehndi designs 2013 are simply stunning and magnificent.

Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic mehndi design is one of the most popular and unique mehndi designs that are in vogue now-a-days. Although, now it is not only limited to Arabian countries and is popular all over the world, its patterns are still different from the rest of the mehndi designs. One particular feature of Arabic mehndi designs is they are mostly in black or dark brown color with a distinct aroma and these both mark its distinction. In addition, the intricate design, the pattern and the layout of the mehndi designs are over whelming and very beautiful. Once they become an ornament of your hands and feet, they remove the very need of having anything else to go with them.

Some of the moments when Arabic henna designs are mostly applied are on Eids, weddings and other family occasions. Eids are the time of the year when girls and women of all ages and belonging to any part of the world make special arrangements to look as pretty as it is possible. This is because apart from being Islamic occasions, they are also the moments of joy and pleasure for the whole community. It does not matter whether is poor or rich, Eid is especially for everyone. Then how could this special occasion be left out and for this reason, Arabic mehndi design are so special for everyone. Available in both, soft and bold patterns, light and dark colors, every design of this descent shows a touch of Arabian culture, heritage and lifestyles, setting it apart from the rest.

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